April 2013, Johan Pernrud (guitar & lead vocals) had had enough of the current creative standstill and looked up Klas Svahn (drums) in a serious attempt at trying new ways. From this assembly, good things came and shortly thereafter Jämmerdal arose as a trio with Carl-Petter Berg (bass).


Shortly thereafter, three-four new songs saw the light of day at their headquarters: Malmö Central Entrepreneur and musical Mecka, in the Annelund area.

Johan Luyckx (guitar/backing vox) joined the band in october of 2013 and diligent work on songwriting and the recording of a five-song EP kept Jämmerdal occupied during most of 2014, leading shortly into 2015.

May 2015, at the edge of the release, Klas Svahn chose to step out of the band. Summer came and went, shrouded in darkness. In October, Stefan Stiss Lundvall (drums) joined the band and with new ambitions, Jämmerdal rose from its hibernated state, ready to pull fresh ideas from the oceans of history and prepare it with modern tastefulness with roots in Swedish & foreign blues, heavy rock, psychedelic and traditional jazz.

Determined to celebrate triumphs beside the trodden rock-furrow the band made their debut in Malmö during summer 2016.



Lead Vocals & Guitar: Johan Pernrud

Bass: Petter Berg

Backing Vocals & Guitar: Johan Luyckx

Drums: Stefan Stiss Lundvall