My Dear Addiction





Who would have thought that a name change could be so important?

10 years of endless rehearsals and numerous member changes finally resulted in success for original members
Kim and Peter when Blind was reborn as My Dear Addiction.

Blind was striving for success already in the early days when the band was opening act for bands such as Mustasch,
performing at The Underworld in London and made it to the finals in Bandit unsigned 2 years in a row.
Hard hitting metal with a touch of striking melodies turned out to be a winning concept.

Early 2010 My Dear Addiction was born and as the main goal a record deal was pursued and signed with
Bonnier Amigo Music Group label Super Nova Records.
The members hit the Panic Room Studios in April 2010 and 3 weeks later 10 masterpieces were forever captured.

In February 2015, MDA signed a record deal with Dead End Exit and went on a european tour with Dead By April and dEmotional.

January 2016, MDA released it’s second album: Kill The Silence.

Line up – Kim, Peter, Johannes, Christoffer and Ludvig –
are as strong as you can expect for a band that delivers 100 percent at every gig, regardless of what.

It’s time to Kill the Silence.